03 October 2006

On the Anger Bubbling in My Veins

It's uncomfortable. I have come upon the first rage I've felt in months. Rage. iTunes has ruined my life. Or my day, anyway. Half of my music library has 4 duplicates. Yes, the river that is my Powerbook has provided spawning grounds for my hermaphrodite music application. The other half of my music library? Your guess is as good as mine--it probably sacrificed itself to provide 0s and 1s for all the duplicates. You see, upon trying to reorganize everything, I spent countless hours to make the grim discovery that some of my music is actually gone. And the worst is all my beautiful, perfected playlists. "Mellow electronica"? Gone. "DoubleMix"? Gone. "Christmas 2004"? Gone. "Girlie Music," "New Agey Stuff," "Sort of Hard Rockin' Stuff"... Dissolved into the ether, all. Every last goddamn one of them. I am considering starting from scratch. Erasing everything on my computer ending with .mp3 or .mp4, and reloading it all. In my own special way. No further comments on that. In conclusion: Fuck you, Software Update. Fuck you, self-aware application demolishing my collection. Fuck you, iTunes 7.0.1.


Blogger Hoban Family said...

That sucks. Good luck rebuilding your collection.

Blogger Riley said...

you forgot Fuck You Steve Jobs

Blogger Bug said...

Fuck you, Steve Jobs. Except you're still better than Bill Gates. Fuck you, Bill Gates. Fuck computers. Fuck everything.


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