21 October 2006

Interesting Title

Some of you may have heard that Violet is broken. I would love to elaborate, but this is a blog about me, and not Violet. You did not come here to hear about him, I am sure. You are only interested in me. And in my unending search for the meaning(lessness) of life. So instead of boring you with the details about strokes, paralysis, brain tumors, and thyroid glands, I will update you on the status of my three 5-page papers due this week.

Paper 1: Topic: Gerard Manley Hopkins. Research required. 1 paragraph begun.
Paper 2: Topic: Ancient classical literature/philosophy. No research required. No progress.
Paper 3: Topic not understood. Topic striking fear into my heart. No research required. Negative progress; I am writing from bed.

I have no results from my bombing of the art midterm, but you can be assurred that I might tell you when I hear. If you're nice to me, and promise to be suportive. I am talking to you, Riley. And AG, whose farts in my general direction are of no match to my farts in his general direction. Catnip, take cover.


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