05 October 2006

I'm So Screwed

And not in the fun nasty kind of way. In the way that I have lost all motivation for my scholastic endeavors. I stayed home from school today, spent the majority of the day in bed, online, writing scholarship essays. Notice a disconnect in the logic here? I only recently came to the realization that I can't put my fancy GPA on scholarship applications much longer if I don't actually go to school. So what's a girl to do?

Why, look at real estate listings of course! Seeing as I have only about 18 short months to get packed and find a new house, I figured that I better start a-lookin'. Much as I would like to start packing, I have the suspicion that I may need some clothes and the bed linens and whatnot (I learned that word from my ex-husband and it continues to serve me well.) before I actually move. But I have to have somewhere to move to. That's where the internet comes back into the picture. Thanks to Al Gore and Riley, I have at my fingertips the stuff of dreams.

See for yourself 1.
See for yourself 2.


Blogger Hoban Family said...

Please don't leave us, PLEASE!!!

Blogger Bug said...

Alright, look. Colorado Springs is just the other extreme the People's Republic here. I'll just have to abandon my conservative animus toward all things Boulder and take up my role as the liberal antagonist there. I am so very flexible...

Anonymous Catnip said...

I just love that whole line of reasoning. Thank you.


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