21 October 2006

I Come to a Terrifying Realization

Or, My Character Dilemma: I act in response to fear. This is a very unproductive fear, not the good, driving kind, like being afraid of bad guys and running away from bad guys when they want to beat you up and take your milk money: I am subconsciously sabotaging my schoolwork. And what could our valiant Bug possibly be afraid of you ask? Why, re-entering the "real world" of course. Responsibility, maturity, all that stuff. Terrifying. I shudder to think of the implications of me being asked to act like a responsible adult, seeing as how responsible (and its derivatives, except irresponsible, which I like) is one of my most-hated words.

Get a job, Bug. Go earn a living, Bug. Go take responsibility for yourself, Bug. You know what I hear? Sell your soul, Bug. Waste your life for a few dollars and a picket fence, Bug.

Grow the fuck up.


Anonymous Catnip said...

Think of it this way: instead of letting other people decide what happens to you, YOU get to decide.


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