14 October 2006

Hooray for Violet!

Perhaps you recall the time I explained to you how much I hate shopping, and how this hatred translates to me having a wardrobe full of abysmally misshapen and ill-fitting clothes, the majority of which either I have shrunk with too many washings or have owned so long I no longer care to look at them, let alone wear them. So today, I and my closet celebrate a small triumph, because I went shopping. And not only did Violet fund this excursion, but


He took one for the team, he stepped up to the plate, he hit it out of the park (thanks MGM). Violet approved and disapproved pairs upon pairs of jeans, piles of sweaters, and in the end I came away with some new clothes that actually fit my body. Thank you, my love. My shy Violet.


Anonymous Catnip said...

True love!

Blogger Hoban Family said...

Never question his love for you!


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