19 September 2006

Never Mess with a Woman's BLOG!

That's just uncool, Violet. Add stupid internet pictures to your own stupid blog. I had to change my password, you sphincterpastry.....

...unless your a super-freak-expert-hacker like me!
in like flint... passwords...ha, I fart in your general direction!


Blogger Violet said...

I am such a dork. I am a big loser with nothing to do other than start shit . All my clever tricks are stolen from the movies or my perfect wife. She makes me look stupid because I am so stupid. I try to get people to call me Flint Steel because I think that will make me cooler but mostly, it just makes me look like a big wanna be. I suck.

Blogger Violet said...

God it feels good to confess. Here's another: I like to bury my farts in the couch and then wait to see who notices and then laugh like a little girl when I drive people out of the room.

Blogger Hoban Family said...

You two are the picture of marital health...mental health too for that matter.


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