17 September 2006

Calling All Blog Spammers

You now have easy access. Here are some keywords to get you started:

*Rock n' (Sometimes) Roll
*The second coming
*Bush is Evil
*Democrats are delusional idiots
*Republicans are bible-beating idiots
*Your new novel
*Your new novel sucks
*The environment
*Global warming
*Post Secret is the best way to spend a Sunday morning and Hillbug has a convenient link to it on her blog


Anonymous "Blogger" said...

Gosh, this sure is easy, I guess I will have to comment more often since there is less to confuse me and I save a good 5 seconds. Now I can write an extra three words. Four if on of them is "I" or "a." Cool.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go. Your blog is awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. Except that I disagree with your post about aliens and wooly mammoths. That's a load of shit (either horse or bull, I'm not quite sure). It will actually be lions vs. elks. The outcome will be tipped by Skulls and Masons.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want to talk horseshit anonymous? god, you and your stupid ancient conspiracies. Spare me, please.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are you calling stupid? You too afraid to leave your real name? Coward. Bug is pretty awesome though.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right anonymous. Let's be friends. At least we have bug in common.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah right! Spam spam spam! I don't believe it for a second!!!

Anonymous MF said...

the first sign of madness is taking to yourself
I'm getting worried

Blogger Bug said...

You're supposed to be napping. Get your ass up here and help me clean.


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