04 September 2006

Accepting Applications

AG won't let me feud with him anymore. Need 1 sarcastic pain in the arse to exchange cheap shots and insults with. Apply within.


Anonymous SPITA said...


Anonymous JH said...

What does it take to be known only as two initials in this place?

Blogger Bug said...

First, my dear JH (if in fact those are your true initials), you must visit this blog at least twice daily, be constantly on the edge of your seat waiting for new posts, ready at the drop of a hat to commend them should they inspire you to tears (as they do my most loyal fans), and, of course, go to Vegas with me and MF and AMH.

Anonymous JH said...

Thank you for the prompt response. It's nice to see that the Reverend makes time for the little people among the masses.
I'm wiping tears from my keyboard as I type, so I guess all that's left is Vegas.
By the way, initial verification can be provided upon request.


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