31 August 2006

Slave to Blogging

My mood is at odds with the orbit of the earth. While I love the prospect of another 4 months spent reading, writing, and thinking instead of looking forward to my 15 minute breaks and 30 minute lunches, I dread those same four months. I can put it into 3 words: temperature-induced misery. I love summer. I am so much happier uncomfortably hot than cold. I hate the early sunset, the crusty ice I undoubtedly fall on, the mud my dogs make in the yard, everything. Except school. I am considering relocating my family to paradise because of this, and I expect nothing but good wishes and suggestions, and perhaps monetary donations.

I mention all this because just in the last week, it has become clear to me that summer is over. Technically speaking, we all know that's not true, but when the forecast says 70 instead of 90, I know what season it is. So go to your closets, get out the scratchy damn sweaters and the bulky coats and the itchy scarves, because it's coming, my cupcakes. It's coming.

As an aside to my favorite blog-addicted friend: I have a total of 3 Faulkner novels to read between now and Thursday, as well as an epic poem. If you insist on bugging me to post when I have nothing actually interesting to say, just remember: I know where you live. Also, my blog beat up your myspace.


Anonymous Your Favorite Blog-Addicted Friend said...

First of all, fall, winter, changing leaves, holidays, and woodburning stoves are also coming which is wonderful. Only the thin hate the cold!! Second of all if you don't want to be bugged about posting on your blog then stop write such genius material. Third of all, call me sometime when you get a little free time! Last but not least, my myspace sucks. Probably taking it down soon.

Blogger Bug said...

Ok Miss Always-look-on-the-bright-side. This is my blog and if I want to pout and be thin and miserable, then I shall.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bug. Are you on myspace???? My friend, mother of wet blanket, insists that you are. Hmmmmmm,

Blogger Bug said...

My dear anonymous, you have asked a question more complicated than I care to answer.


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