15 August 2006


A, that is, in the philosophy. I am a genius. Not to be confused with a wanna-be evil genius like my darling Violet.


Anonymous Catnipsls said...

Congratulations! Not that I doubt you harbor dreams of being an evil genius. And with that A in philosophy, it will onlyl be easier for you. I shudder at the thought.

P.S. I didn't know it rained in CO if we weren't there on vacation. And now I know what a bug does on her birthday, a question I thought I posted, but never showed up. Happy Belated.

Blogger Hoban Family said...

Congrats on the A! I am so sorry about your birthday, I can't believe how much rain we got, I think animals were lining up two by two.

Blogger Bug said...

Thanks guys. It was a great experience nonetheless.


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