13 July 2006

Update: The Rules of Gambling in Marriage

Never go all in. You'll lose to a beginner.
Never bluff. You'll get caught.
Never call a bluff. You'll have to follow through.
Never cheat. You'll get remarried.

With this, I give you the bad news, my little cupcakes. Violet, the marriage hold 'em novice, called my bluff, called his boss, and got me a ticket. I actually DO have to go make small talk with Denver's elite. I actually DO have to go buy a "cocktail dress." I actually DO have to shave my legs. This is no joke--I can't very well go scaring all the rich people on Violet's special night, now can I?


Anonymous Catnip said...

It's alomst more fun watching your life from here! You'd better be out shopping!

Blogger Hoban Family said...

I feel your pain....


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