15 July 2006

Alas, we may have reached the end.

I am reporting back to you, my ever-faithful cupcakes, that the thing was a success. In the way that nothing really horrendous happened, anyway. I didn't trip into mud, I didn't get drunk and dance on the tables, I didn't accidentally make a bid in the silent auction that would necessitate a second mortgage.

I was, however, censured for blogging. What's worse is that the critique was made under the "Can I be blunt?" proviso which, by virtue of granting permission for bluntness, disallows one to properly defend her stance. It seems that I use this blog as a shield, a substitute for talking to people. If you agree, my darlings, that Blogging is for Suckers, then this shall be my last post. I will bug off, as it were. Please send me your phone numbers, and I will call you whenever I feel like writing, instead of actually writing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't stop! I'm afraid my phone would not ring.

Anonymous Catnip said...

I vote for both continuing to blog and for talking when necessary and not using said blog as a shiled. These should not be mutually exclusive.

Blogger Hoban Family said...

Write on, dear Reverend, write on!


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