14 June 2006

In general, Catnip, I Do Not Speak in Tongues at Weddings

So, you can rest assured that I will be very controlled while performing your wedding in my backyard. I'll even pick up dog poo for it.

And now, for your listening/reading pleasure, "tongues."

aksghoan ivrnscimrfismzntgnxjmal,eougcshmnxkmidxkf,jzcmfnbj vcmxlcgbnzx,xmvcnvkxmkjcvvcd kfxhfn sldhjnsmdgnchxmxfhcnxdjzfc dfcgxjkfhjzcmfdxgxcnj gfhesi tyvwe m9rme8c3tugj hmjssx,fzcm,xbnvm,vdvbnfmeityhgn eksudjfcsenu5fyccghmnxfcnxgj hvnfmxczkzfgvndcfjmvbnxnxjgncnxzjnkxfjcmrsg

Aman. Or alternatively, Sommen. Now go pick your toes.


Anonymous Catnip said...

I thank you for the offer to pick up dog poo for my wedding. Also, I have found that pedicures are a pleasure not incompatible with that of picking your toes in the family tradition. Happy day. Or, as you say, Sommen.


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