02 June 2006

I Have Two Things to Say

Neither of which are interesting. That was the first. The second is that I am going to paint here on my weekend off, not blog. That would be silly; I can't waste all my procrastinating posts when I don't have any homework to do. That's right. So MF's getting a makeover, or his office is anyway. He still won't deal with those renegade nosehairs, but that is for a different post. I picked him out a nice, rich color. It is called "Shy Violet." It made me think of him. My darling. My shy violet.


Anonymous Jake said...

An Engineer wouldn't be caught dead in a "shy violet" office!!

Anonymous MF said...

tell me about it!... I came home from work (on a saturday) to find out... though only the trim is the violet, the accent walls are the terracotta as I requested. So I'm pretty ok with it


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