04 June 2006

Ahh...It's Summertime

And thank god. I go nuts in the winter, and get depressed and hate the cold and threaten to move to the Virgin Islands. I will do so again, look for it starting in November. But never mind that, it's summertime. The livin' is easy. Or will be, now that I have made a decision. You see, having completed my Maymester, or "Three Weeks of Utter Hell" geography class, I am properly exhausted. Damn am I tired. I spent the entire day yesterday in bed watching TV. (This is really cool, because we moved the spare bed into the living room so I could paint that room before we move violet in. I'm in heaven.) I've been eating chocolate, drinking coffee and beer, and napping intermittently. This is what life's about. I feel bad for Violet, who is working overtime this weekend. But I worked in Boston while he was unemployable, (picking up dogshit no less) so this is pretty fair I think. Anyway, I like this. It's nice. I can read, nap, watch TV, write in my blog, get up to shenanigans on myspace, have friends over, go out, work on my publication business, nap some more, take long weekend camping trips without ditching class, have margaritas at 3 in the afternoon... God, the possibilities are endless. And so, I am dropping the Anthropology. What's an extra summer later on? I need one right now. I'm young and in love, dammit. (Violet is quite the catch, I must say.) This is no time for anthropology! The only remaining question is what will happen to my student loan. But that is for someone else to care about. I simply cannot, I have some sunbathing to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best decision so far this summer. Just be sure to drop the dang class in time.....

Anonymous Anna said...

That's the best news I have heard all spring! Yippie!! How's the pool? I know someone dying to try it out!


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