05 June 2006

#201: Bored to Tears

They welled up for the snake, but nothing fell out. So that's what Lexapro does for you. As for the rest of the story, I have resorted to lying in bed all day. I've got up twice since the snake incident. I've eaten some chocolate, watched a Queer Eye rerun, and made friends with some muppets. The dogs are pissed, I have eye strain from watching TV, and the painting touch-up's not done yet. I'm too lazy to even think about not being lazy. I have suppressed this laze far too long, and it is expressing itself maliciously. I need help. And a shower.


Anonymous Catnipsls said...

Take a shower! And go explore your yard a little more. Maybe the mole/vole is back! Have you talked to Smelly lately? Don't yell at the bad dog. Won't help anyway. Is what I think.... And I'm sorry for your little green loss.

Blogger Bug said...

Green and stripey.


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