30 May 2006

General Update (s Are for Suckers)

My GPA ended up being a 3.8. The minuses are just there to assure you that I could have tried just a little bit harder, but didn't. I don't care, I am delighted anyway. And being on the Dean's List is pretty cool.

I've got 3 days until I'm done with the geography. Good ol' world regional. No longer will it be hanging over my head, taunting me with its "graduation requirement" bullshit. I'm glad I stuck it out, and I'm glad I only spent three weeks of my life being informed of the inherent wrongness of being American.

I am investigating adding a second major. Humanities is interesting (the word that means nothing), but it seems that philosophy is the place to be at CU if you want to learn to write well. Which I do. (Interestingly, both the English department and the creative writing program are crap when it comes to teaching one how to write. Hmmm.) I'm not sure I'm smart enough for philosophy, though. As a side note, they say the Lexapro may help with my self esteem issues...

My angel Germany Cricket is heartbroken that her stay here with me and MF is nearing an end. She is beside herself with grief, in fact, at the thought of leaving happiness behind. We will always remember our time together fondly.

Anna's mouth is still broken, but we're all hoping that she gets better soon. And that she has some leftover Vicodin.

The End (or is it?!?!?!)


Blogger Hoban Family said...

Vicodin is no match for my tooth pain so I have been bumped up to Percocet, still, no effect. Hopefully after my surgery I will be all better. Thanks for the well wishes!

Blogger Bug said...

Anna, after you left, MF broke his little toe. It's black and blue, and pretty pitiful. Do you know anyone who might be able to help? ha!

Blogger Hoban Family said...

You are welcome to my meds OR he can go to my doc and get some of his own OR both. Let me know!

Anonymous MF said...

I'll take a perco for the team

Blogger Hoban Family said...

It's all yours. Come get the dryer!


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