12 April 2006

The Magic's Gone

Student loans: a blessing and a curse.  A blessing when you get a bunch of money leftover after tuition to play with.  A curse when MF thinks they should be used for kitchen remodels and the like.  Also a curse when you go to consolidate your loans from the past 5 years and realize you may as well have gone to Yale for what you've borrowed.  A blessing when they promise to cut you off at around $40k, so you won't have loan payments as big as the mortgage you can't afford because your student loans are so big.  Again, I am accepting donations.  Hillbug's scholarship fund, we'll call it.  Yes, let's.


Anonymous catnip said...

All too familiar. By the way, if you go through the goverment (direct loans) they will accept any deferement or forebarance for about any reason. Not the worst. Go on with your life. Don't worry.


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