02 April 2006

God, I Love Her

This is my heart. My precious angel heart. I love her.
In fact, I love her more than life itself.

I love her SO much that I surprise even myself with the depth of my love for her.

Unquestionably, no one loves her more than I do. No one can truly fathom the depth of this love. How could you possibly understand the love I have for her? You cannot. Do not try. You could hurt yourself.

And, she loves me. I love her and she loves me.


Anonymous Catnip said...

You do know you should consult a psychologist about this, right?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is too crazy.
i must lo

Blogger Bug said...

You must "lo"? That sounds like you didn't quite type what you meant to, as though there was some interference in your commenting atttempt. How very strange. I find comfort at times like this in the love of my angel.


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