07 April 2006

Fancy Ditching School?

Isn't that what high school seniors do to be cool? God knows I'm not cool, and I'm certainly not a high school senior, and yet here I am, debating with myself the relative merits of avoiding my most stupid class and thereby missing my second-most-stupid class, since I might as well make it worth it. It's a chilly, rainy mess outside. Were it only rainy and not *windy* as usual, I would not be typing this conversation, but as it is, and I am already late, I have time to babble...

I simply could not muster the will to venture out to the good ol' park-and-ride (or is it park-n-ride?) that would force a 45-minute-early arrival to said stupid class. And then, after stupid class, I must march across campus through the wet muck mess to huge lecture class. The stupidest part: I will be going in anyway, as I have a class I actually like at 3. I have 10 minutes to decide.

Update: Ok, fine, I'm going. Happy?


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