26 April 2006

Depression Sucks

And, having an upset stomach while being neck-deep in schoolwork doesn't help. Nor does having a friend turn into a "friend" who chooses to believe that you're avoiding a social situation for less than noble reasons. One of the most important people in your life has turned her back on you, at the worst possible time. So what do you do when the people you need aren't there for you? What then? Try to convince them that you really DO feel sick, and you really DO have a lot of reading to do? How about when you're convinced the entire world is against you? What then? And your appointment to get back on the anti-depressants you swore you'd never go back to but finally gave in to because you're tired of feeling like you're breathing under water Every Single Day isn't for two more weeks, and then they probably won't kick in for a few weeks after that? And you realize you've never felt so alone in your life? What then? Really, what then?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call you mama.......

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or you call your pal in brighton and she spends the day talking to you about anything you want.


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