04 April 2006

Brilliant Genius Girl Returns!

In my effort to bring to bear good grades here at Real School, I faltered. I didn’t study for a midterm. Why, you ask? My excuses were abundant and somewhat legitimate, really boiling down to the stress of the impending descent of in-laws into my nearly-perfected routines, and a health crisis of sorts (false alarms such as this are always preferable). But, evidently, I was barely affected. But that blank-space-filled midterm earned, if you can call it that, me not an F, but a respectable B-. That’s right, I not only passed, but passed with colors. Not flying to be sure, but, Frankly, colorful nonetheless. And then, to add glory to grandeur, I got an actual “A” on my paper for the very same class. My first "A" without a minus next to it paper of the semester. Faust saves me yet again. And Catnip the (highly recommended) proofreader. Tied. Saviors. So, my honors status most likely will have receded by semester's end, along with my sanity and unnatural scholarly dedication, but my transcript may yet escape the shame of the C. So tonight, when I get bi-level, I will no longer feel the urge to hang my head, but rather hold it mostly upright on my way to the fridge for celebratory chocolate. That’s right, the pity chocolate is gone. Oh yeah, sure, yes, yes, yes. No.


Blogger Anna said...

Congrats bug, keep up the good work!!

Anonymous Catnip said...

That so cool! An A is always more satisfying without the minus. Did you mean to act all Joycean at the end there, or do we have to wait for your senior year (when you better read Ulysses, dammit!) for that? Yay!

Blogger Bug said...

Well, I was going to keep it a secret, but since you asked, the Joycean finale, along with "bring to bear" and "frankly" are all tidbits designed for MF... quotes from his old boss. Moreyisms if you like.


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