06 March 2006

I Knew It!

I hope this will be the last I have to say on the subject. What happened to the independent successful woman? Do we still need men so desperately that we cannot be happy without them? Have I resorted to writing in rhetorical questions after watching too much Sex in the City? Charlotte needs a husband and a baby to be complete, Miranda shows her true colors by gracefully caring for her mother in law, and Samantha is in love!?!?!?! We knew that Carrie is an idiot, and that the writers would be untrue to the character of Aleksandr Petrovsky they had established, but did they have to give everybody a happy ending? How realistic is that!?! And why did Carrie have to be rescued? By "Big," seriously? Horseshit. Yes, I watched the final episode this weekend. Truthfully, I didn't know it was upon me, and in a fit of rage (hmmm, pattern forming?) I deleted the episode before MF could watch it. He was sad. Don't tell him I told you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

& I was so looking forward to a night of whiny, unsatisfied 30-somethings. especially after my hard-days work cleaning out the garage & finally getting to our new kitchen cabinets.... so where are the photos/fruits of this labour?.... hmm

Blogger Bug said...

Don't make me disable anonymous comments MF, I'll do it!

Blogger Anna said...

I guess that there aren't any Murphy Browns or Roseanne Conners on TV anymore!! WOMEN POWER! pst. dont' tell my husband I said that!! ;)


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