11 February 2006

Oh Fuck am I nervous

My eyeballs are pleading with me. I can hear them squeaking (yes, the speech sound an eyeball makes is a squeak, look it up), "Bug! Really! We're fine! Don't let that diabolical doctor near us... Bug! For fuck's sake, we've been with you from the start, you met him last week! Bug! Don't let him hurt us! Bug! eeaakk eeeak!"


Blogger Bug said...

5 days and counting

Anonymous Catnip said...

Tell the little squeakers it's just like a little face lift and they'll feel twenty years younger. I'm jealous.

Blogger Anna said...

Don't be nervous, I want details!! I am jealous as well!

Anonymous Frankie I. Ball said...

eek! Bug! He wants your firstborn! Don't do it! eek! Save yourself while you can! eeek eeek!


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