25 February 2006

It's that time again.

Yes my little cupcakes, the epoch of in-laws is upon us. Or me, anyhow. I've got a pair of Brits coming from across the water, to stay with me and my darling MF for--you guessed it--My. Spring. Break. And a week afterward as well. And what could be lovelier than spending my one free week in the semester with my husband's parents? Well, I suppose if I thought really hard, I could come up with a thing or two. But I shall not, seeing as how I actually like them. And it would be sort of rude. I am in part looking forward to this influx of foreigners... Americans are seeming so, well, pedestrian these days.

In fact, I've just spent the last couple of hours watching Ti-Voed (sp?) Sex in the City reruns (for the first time, as I am new at this whole pay-for-TV phenomenon). Right now Carrie is dating the most enchanting Russian, and like I said, foreigners really do it for me (consider my short, bald boyfriend for example). I can tell she's going to leave him over that whole "maybe I want a baby someday" thing, which I find absolutely deplorable, seeing as how she could finally be happy and drop "Big," who is remarkably uninteresting; why would she want that regular old guy when she han have a beautiful sexy Russian old guy? Get a freaking puppy and forget about babies!! The writers are really going to drop the ball on this one. Or already have I'm sure, as I'm watching a 2 year-old episode. Which is too bad. Of course, you have to consider their target audience: those single twenty- and thirty-somethings who are still arguing with their friends over who is the "Carrie" and who need their fantasy lives fulfilled since they have yet to find the loves of their lives and live happily ever after with their ten babies, but WILL because that's what happens. What does this have to do with my husband's parents? Nothing, actually, except that foreign people are just more intersting. And, British=Russian. Sort of. I don't want to sleep with my husband's parents. Just the ballet dancing delight at my fingertips.
And MF, on a good day.


Blogger Anna said...

I am glad someone enjoys their in-laws. Mine are difficult to like.

Blogger Bug said...

Yeah, they don't tell you until after you're married that you're marrying your in-laws too. I lucked out.

Blogger Altered Egoist said...

I have the absolute bestest and coolest in-laws in the universe! Well... Almost in-laws, mostley kinda sorta. They're still the best!


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