18 February 2006

Day 2: Halo and Behold

It was such a beautiful night. The stars were shining, the moon was glowing, and everything was encircled by a beautiful golden corona. Nothing could detract from the great feeling of love and beauty and acceptance. Except my knowledge that things are not supposed to glow like that. Yes, my cupcakes, I am seeing halos about all lights. One light in the dark becomes a Christmas tree, or, as the aliens would tell Troi, "Eyes in the dark...One moon circles." But hey, at least I can see the Christmas tree. Live long and prosper.

Oh, and another thing: My sleazy triathlete surgeon didn't tell me that the eyes are so closely connected to nose and mouth that the drops would create a bitter post-nasal drip that makes me want to vomit! Fucker. At least I'm a foot taller than him.


Anonymous Jackie Throndson - Tilton said...

I'm a little confused on which part of your blog this will show up as. . but did your halos get better?? Willie had lasik and said he still sees halos..hopefully not as bad as the picture you put up!



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