12 January 2006

Your communications are highly illogical, Rev. Scott

From: "Rev.Patrick Scott"
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 00:18:37 +0100
To: "Mike Hunt, Jr."
Subject: Re: Payment and shipping arrangment base on trust

how was your day hope it was great,well this is an update
concerning the ongoing transaction. i will like you to be aware that i
have contacted my friend and she as indeed informed that you payment
as been issued out and posted as at thursday 1/2006 and the payment
will get by next week tuesday, so all you have to do is hold on for
the payment to arrive.I will also appreciate that you give me an
update as soon as you have received the payment,so as to give you my
shipper information to send the different of the money to via western
union.And i do appreciate you holding on to the item for
me thank you.

On 1/12/06, Mike Hunt, Jr. wrote:
> Dear Reverend,
> I'm starting to think you're not reading my emails. Well, no matter, this will all be done soon enough. And when exactly should I expect the payment? I was thinking Scottie--may I call you Scottie? It reminds me of a portly, mustached man I once knew--anyway, I was thinking, if this deal all goes down well, what do you say we meet for dinner, maybe at the Red Lobster downtown? It's pretty fancy, and we can talk all about the money that doesn't exist and the merchandise--that's what you're buying--that you don't know anything about, I can explain to you how better to take advantage of the lesser-brained among us, as I was one of those until recently, when my education earned me a very important piece of CC paper which elevates my status considerably. I am quite important. Mike Hunt is very important to me too. You are not catching my hilarious pun, which is too bad, it might incense you, actually. You may not know what that word is, I chose it carefully so as to flummox. Say, Scottie, where are you from? Well, I look forward to your hornswaggling. Sincerely, MC (Hunt, Jr.)
> Oh, and here's a PS. for you: check the calendar, as there is no January the first on a Wednesday this year.


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