24 January 2006

Grocery Shopping in Louisville is to Grocery Shopping as Eating Frozen Food is to Eating

Take note, you'll be tested on that. Don't we all, in some way, tell ourselves we eat healthily? I too have succumbed to the fantasy of healthy living. Today I went shopping. I drove. I wheeled my cart not less than a combined 2 complete laps around the perimenter of the store, during which time I selected a variety of frozen pot pies, crock-pot-goop-in-a-bag (2), a frozen pizza, and canned soup (4). But wait! you exclaim, Bug! You have a bag of pre-wahsed salad in that cart! That's healthy! It was there for show, my little cupcakes, so I would not feel so very disgusting in the check out line. I am now going to eat the leftover Taco Bell burrito from last night's dinner, and wash it down with one of the two kinds of Fanta I bought today. Probably orange, the pineapple is too sickeningly sweet. Bon App├ętit.


Blogger Altered Egoist said...

Crock pot goop in a bag! YUM!!! Me and the Nipsses will be over for dinner later this year!

Blogger Anna said...

you think that's bad?? Ask my 17 month old what she wants for dinner and she happily replies, bitto (taco bell burritos.) At least she loaded up on veggies and fruits when she was eating baby food!!


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