26 January 2006

Final Outcome: Nothing Really Happened

So, the Reverend is not responding to my email pleas for contact. Did he finally bring in a translator? Did Scottie realize how I was so cruelly mocking him, and decide to scam in greener pastures? I am distraught, I thought I could have fun with him for at least another month. The final votes are in, and lo and behold, MF has swung the vote to the Reverend. No matter, seeing as how I have not sold my nemesis to the Reverend for fake money, I think it is I who have won. Farewell Reverend Scott. Or, perhaps, someone beamed him up. Farewell, Scottie. My heart will always break a little bit when I think of everything we had together. Happy scamming.

Nigerian Scammer 78.8% 41
Bug 21.2% 11
total votes: 52



Anonymous Catnip said...

I have to say, the Reverend/Desk saga is a little anticlimactic. I hoped for a little more drama and a clear winner. I would say Bug won but...... where is the desk? Points off if it's still in your possesion.

By the way, if you're not having beer or wine, Taco Bell is the only clear option.

Blogger Altered Egoist said...



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