09 January 2006

And The Reverend Patrick, oh yes, he believed.

thank you for the prompt response to my mail enquiry am quite
satisfied with the condition of the item and price. Am very much
interested in buying the item from you and i would like to make an
outright purchase immediately so i will advice that you withdraw the
advert from the web,I dont mind adding $50 dolls extra to it so as
for you to remove the advert from criagslist site for another
buyer.And we would be well assure that we are in hand of the item.I
will be paying with a certified check or a travellers check in us dollars.
Furthermore my shipper will be coming over for the pick up as i might
not be available for the pick up myself i would have love to come and
look it up but presently am not chance to do that,because of the
nature of my job, but am OK with the information from the ad. I will
need the following information details to make payment arrangement

1,Your full name to be on the certified check or a Travellers check.
2,Your postal address.
3,Your phone number both land and mobile.
4,Your postal code.

Get me the following information as soon as possible.

On 1/8/06, Mike Hunt, Jr. wrote:
Hello Rev. Patrick
That is wonderful that you saw my ad even though I only posted it online. Indeed I do have for sale one beautiful desk, it is almost as Huge as Mike Hunt (myself!) This desk is in impeccable condition, like I said, I assembled it myself so I took extra care to put one or two screws in a place other than where they were originally planned, just to put my own touch on it after all it is a big desk and desks have personality too, don’t they. Ok then well, how would you like to proceed? And just to let you know, be careful on the internet if this is your first time, especially of things that seem good but a little “sketchy.” There are lots of people out there trying to take advantage.
God bless, Mike Hunt, Jr.


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