03 December 2008

Epistle (edited for content)

I thought giving the dogs a bone would be a good idea
They were bothering me
And they always bother you
But they started coughing
And choking themselves on their drool
And it was even worse

It was one of those nights
When we watch TV
And pretend we're not wondering
Why we bought a bi-level

The dog who always wants to crawl into my shirt
When it's cold
Snores at night
I act like I'm just trying to reposition
But in truth I'm doing it to get her to move
So she will let me sleep in peace
Usually it only works for a few minutes
And I actually do end up
Tossing and turning

You went to work today
And all you said before you left was
Please change the cat litter
How romantic

I got up this morning
And the coffee was still hot
But we were out of creamer
That was pretty depressing

We actually have creamer
That just seemed to fit with the tone

Christmas is coming up pretty soon
Every year I say I hate it
I'm not lying

I want to spend Christmas in Mexico
But not where the drug lords are beheading people
That shit is freaky
Just away from winter
And crazy people
We all have witnessed
How everyone goes kind of nutty at Christmas

I guess the food is good
But making it can be a pain in the ass

Sometimes it's nice to see people again
But sometimes it's just depressing
Especially when you want to see the one person
You will never see again

I wish there were still a kid's table
I'd sit there


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