21 September 2008


So one hour into the new season (Autumn) (which technically starts at 3 or something but who's gonna quit in the afternoon) I'm starting to think, fucking fuck if I had never asked Mikey to teach me how to smoke when I was fucking 15 and impressionable and thinking how cool it would be and he had never consented and said instead Well, ok, hey Bug you're a dumbass go do your homework, or something, tomorrow would not probably suck. But since it will, in fact, be the first day of goddammit I'm a non-smoker that means no cigarettes or tobacco or what-fucking-ever, and thinking to myself poop this constitutes a fucking nicotine addiction or habit or whatthefuckareyoudoingtoyourlungsandheartandcardiovascularsystem withdrawal period, I feel the need to express my dismay. Fucking fuck what hectoric asshole first convinced some lousy wuss that smoking was cool? Wusses spread wussiness, and wusses are people who smoke after having their first couple of cigarettes which invariably taste like ass (ash), and yet feel peer-pressured enough to get used to it? Fucking it's 1 AM, I remembered the word hectoric, and I need (nay, WANT. ha! ta da!) a cigarette and a glass of water as I lay here in bed with my Bean in her new favorite spot (see below). I will only have water. Dammit. Dammit!!!!

*Interesting development*
It seems that my research was incomplete and that tomorrow is the actual date of the autumnal equinox, and hence, I can smoke today. I will have to consider the implications of this seriously.


Anonymous Avid Smoker said...

Equinox is for suckers!

Anonymous American Spirit said...

Quitters ARE suckers!

Anonymous Just DO IT said...

Hillbug: bred for her skills in awesomeness

Anonymous fire it up said...

tastes so good when that hot smoke hits ur lungs, mmm, esp. after a drink of cold beer, mmm
fuck yeah - I'm so jazzed right now I'm gonna go smoke


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