10 September 2008

Netflix Discovery!

If you cancel your subscription because you have had DVDs sitting around getting beer and Taco Bell spilled on them for more than 3 months and have since decided not to pay 25 bucks a month to spill shit on other shit, Netflix will still promise to keep your queue on file for 2 years so you don't have to print out 15 pages of movies that you feel like you should rent but never will because your husband keeps downloading movies off the internet (thereby making surfing incredibly slow, and even downright painful), and so you bid your life farewell 2 hours at a time, watching those stupid low-quality crapmonsters instead of all the cool foreign arthouse flicks and classics you promised yourself you'd finally see, and all the underground cult shit you want to be able to reference at a moment's notice at some hipster party or something. Hooray!


Blogger Riley said...

you're planning references to make at holiday events? i thought i was the only one (sigh)


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