31 May 2008

Fact: Picking Up Dog Poo Saves Lives

In other words: Lawn mowers don't kill snakes, people kill snakes. I do not kill snakes, because I am not a lawn mower, nor am I a poo non-picker-upper.

Also: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Absence may also make the heart grow fungus, but only when there's already an infestation.

Also: AG is my G-Word who enjoys helping out and relaxing Bug-style (booze and ridiculousness).

Also: Riley drinks beer and talks at universities, which means he is both smart and important. This also implies that Riley knows how to spend a summer Bug-style. I suspect golf and pool also may play a part in his perfect exploitation of the season.

Also: Bi-levels are evil. Bi-levels fight updating with the ferocity of a bad bad cat who attacks a sweet sweet cat.

Also: When I decided to wash the cover of my futon mattress which I bought for forty dollars, I found that the most comfortable futon mattress in the world was cheap for the reason that it was rife with party fouls at best, and incontinence at worst.

Also: Beandips who have overbites are possibly the most joy-inducing beings in the world. Farting in private comes second. True love is also up there. And Red Stripe. And blogging whilst drinking Red Stripe. And watching House Hunters without annoying anyone because one is alone whilst blogging and drinking Red Stripe. Red Stripe is a Jamaican lager which I enjoy.

Good evening.


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Yay chillaxilation! Boo Poo!


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