25 April 2008

Even more ridiculous bullshit in my dreams

I ride a train from mid-America to New York where "we" (I and a nebulous other which may or may not be someone I actually know) go to a very cool bar with lots of Mexican beaches (?) and pinkness of decor and also the air is pink even and the and pub-height tables are black and shiny and we're wondering how long we have to wait for tapas and how long the weird tunnel/crazy new-fangled transporter underneath the mall somewhere in mid-America (where I apparently live now) will take to get to the weird tapas pink bar in NYC/ all of a sudden Boston, and why didn't I know about this line since it was 20 yards from my condo in Boston and 40 minutes to NYC to the weird bar that won't stay in one place and that I am hoping I know people at when I get there because I am feeling nervous, and then I realize I've come all the way to New York and don't even know anyone here anymore because they're all where I live, so I make myself wake up.


Blogger Altered Egoist said...

I've been to that bar with the Mexican beaches! It's very cool...


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