03 March 2008

A Story About When I Was Young

When I was in first grade, I went to a school which had on the playground a huge tractor tire filled with dirt or something that kids could play in. One day, I hid in it after the bell rang, thinking that someone would notice I was missing and come looking for me. No one came. I walked back to my classroom feeling lonely and ashamed. This incident colored my whole life, and probably explains a lot. I'd appreciate if you didn't speculate as to what.


Blogger Altered Egoist said...

Knowledge requires no speculation. I will however point out a typo - "On day" I am assuming is not aposta be like that and should be "One day".

Blogger Bug said...

I don't know what you're talking about.

Blogger Hoban Family said...

If you went to my school I would have looked for you.

Blogger Riley said...

I think I remember that tire

Anonymous Catnip said...

I remember that tire too.


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