13 March 2008

Spring Fever--Pshaw

Spring Fever is for suckers, those pitiful troglodytes who can think only of the soonest of the looming seasons. I, on the other hand, have impressively skipped over any yearning for vernal relief and headed straight to an overwhelming desire for summer. While you may gasp in awe and disbelief, please hold your applause, as it is unnecessary. I know how magnificent I am.

Yes, that hot, golden treat of existence, those few, brief weeks when one can actually make use of the outdoors. The triad of months which allow(s) for heat exhaustion, barbecues, and snake sightings. What, you, my gentle readers may wonder, could have possibly created such a remarkable phenomenon? Well, my parents having sex for one. But in less general terms, I am gifted with the rare ability to experience devastatingly realistic sensory dreams. Last night, I dreamed I had been bitten by a mosquito. It itched. And I liked it.


Anonymous Catnip said...

Awe inspiring....

Blogger carrotpreacher said...

Hi, great blog, I noticed you have Donnie Darko as one of your favorites...read my blog for 3/14/08...you may like it :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

triad allows


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