14 May 2007

Check It Out

Years ago now, it seems (is), I wrote about the conundrum of driving a "check engine"-lighted vehicle. I have yet to conquer my distaste for this phenomenon, but I am no longer fearful. Why? Because I have a buss pass. And what, you ask, would lead me to make this claim? Guess. Take a goddamn guess.

On an unrelated note, I have a great VW Jetta for sale. Year: 97. Engine: up to 4 cyl., depending on the day. Color: black, faded gray, and a beautiful rusty red. Possible uses: driving off a cliff à la Thelma & Louise; exploding in an amateur production of Speed 4: The Cruise Control Doesn't Work; comic relief; false insurance claims; driving off a dock and swimming with the fishies, increasing back problems in the lumbar area...the list could go on and on; this is truly a multi-use car.

Contact me for more information or a test look.


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