30 April 2007

Well, good morning, Puck!

Are you brewing beer or baking bread? Neither? How very strange. Oh, Puck? What is that little pile on the floor I just stepped in? Is that the dough for your bread? No? Hmm. Mr. Pants, what is that warm breeze? Is it getting windy outside? You say it's calm? I wonder what it could be then. Blackerson, are you shitting ice cream? No? What, then, is leading you to continually lick your ass?

Ok, look, Blackie, this is getting unpleasant. Atrocious, in fact. The unspeakable horror you have unleashed (no pun intended) upon this bi-level forces me to make a new house rule: No more loaves of bread for you before bed. In particular, no more Oat Nut High Fiber Organic.


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Ha ha. Bzzz. Goodbye.