19 December 2006

So, I'm Done.

I am also done for, so to speak. Yes, I have bombed my last final of the year, and by bomb, I mean that it was the worst I have EVER done on any test I've ever taken. Since my grades are now certain not to exceed C's this semester, I felt that it was no use celebrating after class because there was nothing to celebrate. I did burn my test booklets in a cleansing ritual with some classmates, but my overall decision is to be depressed for a couple of days instead of just being happy an relieved I finally did it. Additionally, I'll be giving up my computer for a while. So don't bother to email me, as I will not reply. "I'll call you." In other words, back off. I'm depressed.

As an addendum, I do plan on a short interlude to my misery Thursday, during which I will eat Moroccan food with my hands. But after that, it's all depression.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moroccan food? Sounds lovely...the only thing between you and that delicious dinner is a billion metric tons of snow!


Blogger Hoban Family said...

Where's my call? I bet the 3 ft of snow has done wonders for your depression also.

Blogger Altered Egoist said...

Bombed yourself into straight A's!!! Way to go Bug!


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