10 December 2006

I Gave In

To the holiday spirit. This will be temporary. Violet and I bought, erected, and decorated our Christmas (in the most atheist sense of the word) tree. It is piney.

This year, it's a 6' Scotch pine. Pretty dense (not unlike myself), and from a farm (unlike myself), so it's fairly even (debatable). A little on the flimsy side (no comment), but workable (why not?).

Pictures to follow. Expect no more happy holiday crap, because I hate Christmas. I am an infidel, a heretic, a heathen. Consider: Jesus saves sinners--and redeems them for cash and valuable prizes. Ha!



Anonymous Catnip said...

I wish you could come to NY on a Saturday in December to go to the Metropolitan Museum. You cannot see their huge tree in the Medieval section, surrounded by the Unicorn tapestries, and sit in the gorgoeus balcony, sipping champagne and listening to chamber music and not leave with the Christmas spirit. Snowflakes help, but aren't spcifically necessary.

Blogger Bug said...

Nip, that's just cruel. I have half a mind to break out my credit card just to prove you right.

Blogger Hoban Family said...

Well I am looking forward to pictures of the tree anyway.


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