15 September 2006

What'Cha Gonna Do When They Come For YOU?

Time is of the essence, my cupcakes. I encourage you all to procure, by any means possible, a year's supply of foil. Now is not the time for generic, my darlings. Spend the extra dollar on the heavy duty variety. As you can see, the enemy is green. And will suck the brains out of the tusks of the thawed-out wooly mammoths. Then Ted Williams will step up, only to be altered to be the undead cyborg goon of the aliens. Make your mind-contol prevention hats now, and make them well. Your free-thinking depends upon it...


Blogger Altered Egoist said...

You know if they bring back Ted Williams and make him some super powered cyborg the Yankees will sign him!

Anonymous JH said...

Free-thinkers are dangerous.

Blogger Bug said...

I like to live dangerously.


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