03 September 2006

Top 10 Reasons Why AE Is Cooler Than Me

10. He never resorts to cheap personal attacks in blogs.
9. He only brags when he has something truly brag-worthy.
8. He realizes that grammar is not the be-all, end-all of writing.
7. He is the grand-daddy flash master of the universe.
6. He goes on longer, cooler vacations than I do.
5. He has funny little pinchy crabs on his blog.
4. He knows famous people personally and is still cooler than all of them.
3. He is original in his paint color choices.
2. His artistic skills rival Van Gogh's, and he still has both ears!
1. He is WAY cooler than me, and always will be.


Blogger Altered Egoist said...

Ohhh Bug! With your wit and my coolness we could rule the world!

Anonymous Catnip said...

Holy Crap - Who IS this guilded guy, a la Van Gogh and He-Man? Cooler than Bug? Surely it's not possible...


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