13 September 2006

I Forgot to Tell You

Because I got sidetracked with making fun of the conspiracy theorists, but I have now completed 250 posts. Pretty exciting, isn't it? And we're coming up on a year. A time of benchmarks. I time of touchstones. A time to celebrate. Me. Dropping my Faulkner class. Because I could. Finish school in a timely manner? HA! I laugh in the face of your timeline.


Blogger Riley said...

it's so unlike you to make fun of people

Blogger Bug said...

Riley, is that a hint of contempt I hear? Don't worry and don't be upset, I'll make you a tin foil helmet too. If we all band together, we'll beat those mind-reading, monster-brain-sucking-out aliens.

Anonymous Catnip said...

No time like the present to point out that old stand-by truism:

---Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

and it's corollary:

---Just beacause you're not paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

And for those still cloaked in the veil of the logic of reality as it's commonly presented:

---There's no such thing as an ulterior motive.

Get that tin foil out. Or not.

Blogger Riley said...

thanks catnip - now I'm really freaked

Anonymous Catnip said...

Riley freaked? That doesn't fit into my world. Besdies, don't' tell me you're not thinking the same thing.


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