12 June 2006

Who wants to get married?

You? Great! You're in luck. I, the bug on a hill, am now ordained. This is true: you may call me Rev. Bug if you like. I will be holding impromptu sermons at undisclosed locations (kind of like when the Rolling Stones play an unannounced show in a local club). "Improvisational proselytizing and interpretive religion" I call it. Join the Church of the Bug. All are welcome, and we're WAY cooler than Scientologists. They wish they were Buggists. (By no means are we associated with buggery; we leave that to the Scientologists.) As my first by-law, "amen" will no longer be tolerated. It's grammatically embarrassing. We will use "aman." Aman, my little cupcakes. Aman.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are too funny Rev. Bug. What promted this?

Blogger Bug said...

It was a combination of factors, really. But it really all boils down to boredom, and an empty space on my wall. I was considering a novelty/online diploma, but this may actually come in useful. Are you considering marriage, baptism, or funeral anytime soon, my dear anonymous? I will also speak in tongues if you ask nicely. Aman.

Anonymous Catnip said...

Will you speak in tongues at a wedding (perhaps not mine, now that I think about it)?


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