05 June 2006

I'm Really Sad

I thought for my 200th post, I would say something happy and funny and light-hearted. But I cannot, because when I went outside a few minutes ago, I saw my friendly neighborhood garter snake in the grass, so I went inside for the camera. When I came back, it was in the same spot. When I got closer, I realized it was dead. Beheaded. By the Eemis, presumably. I'm really sad. Really really sad. This is the first test for the new anti-depressant. Can I cry? Is this worth crying over? Should I yell at my dog? She's just a big freaking vat of instinct; it's not her fault so much as 200 years of idiot fox-hunter assholes breeding dogs to kill. Dammit. That snake made me so happy. Like maybe, if a snake could be happy in suburbia, maybe I could be too. Happy #200.


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Ha ha. Bzzz. Goodbye.