08 April 2006

"Just Fine" or "Falling Apart"?

Sometimes it's hard to tell these things.  For instance, say you have built yourself a big, straw bi-level.  Smells fresh and clean, the rooms are nice and airy, and you can eat the walls if you meet the condition of being an granivorous quadruped (nod to Dickens).  But, dear God! the wolf!  The wolf's at the door!  He will blow your bi-level in!  And you have no fortifications! So what can you do?  Build your bi-level out of straw BALES of course, and call it an "earthship."  "Bi-levels" are so out these days anyway.  Problem solved.  Problem solved, that is, assuming you can go retro and NOT build a bi-level out of loose straw in the first place. Stupid pig.


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