25 January 2006

Stupid Schedule.

What the hell did I do to myself this time? Welcome back, my little cupcakes, for the newest installment of "What's Her Problem?" My newest dilemma here consists of--stop me if you've heard this one-- choices. There is no way I'm taking 18 credits, even though my dizzying intellect would no doubt be able to make quick work of all of them. No, really. See, I wasn't so worried since I was busy assuming that I wouldn't get into either of the courses I was on the waitlist for, or one at the most, and hence, would have a nice easy semester to ease me into "real school." Alas, it was not to be. But I have a trick up my sleeve: I am a masterful dropper of courses. Just watch me say good riddance to Women's History: Europe. Just watch me get denied a refund on the most boring textbook in history. (Did anyone get my lovely pun?) Just watch me get bi-level in the afternoon in time for a nap before all my studious studying. Just watch.


Blogger Altered Egoist said...

boring TEXTBOOK IN HISTORY! (heh) Like a history textbook. Dude too rad for most...

Do people that work on oil rigs get bored of drilling?


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