20 January 2006

Slight Hitch in the Degree Plan

And yes, I know it's only a week in so don't bug me with the whole "wait and see" bullsmack. Now, that having been said, my least favorite class is my Humanities class. As in, the class for the degree in which I major. Consider this: huge lecture hall with no left-handed seats (aaaaah, the agony, I cannot escaped the curse!!), nutty professor (seriously) who must have a freaking microphone to speak, and for the recitation, a brilliant but unfocused goofball. Meanwhile, my most appealing class is my Brit Lit class: superb Ph.D loving every minute of the class, all the while actually eliciting independent thought (admittedly not my strong point). So what's a girl to do? Stick it out? Change her major? Drop out and work in a strip mall? O, cruel world! You fart in my face once again! Now taking suggestions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the world farts in your face, hold you breath!

Blogger Anna said...

Hold on to the humanities course, see how it pans out, but in the meantime get more involved in the brit thing, see where it can get you. Make your decision at the end of the semester. That's the best I can think of.

Blogger Bug said...

I already got into the Brit thing, if ya know what I mean! And if I held my breath whenever the world farted in my face, I would be either blue and googlie-eyed or dead. Recall this November classic as example.


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