31 January 2006


Hello Angelique,
Sorry for the delay,i went for some gospel program that was why i
could not mail back,actaully i got your mail today.I was like thinking
that you've gotten the payment.Am Very,very sorry once more for the
delay.I just contacted the fedex regular mail,and they told me that
your payment is out for delivering,that it will be delivered anytime
from this friday,due to the wickend like i told you that it will take
like 4 to 5 working days,is like there is kind of problem with fedex
delivery service arround your location.So all i want you to do is just
for you to wash out for the payment by this firday ok..and as soon as
you get that kindly take it to the bank and get it cashed
immediatelly,and as soon as this is done kindly get back to me so that
i can give you the shippers information to send the remainder of the
money to via western union money transfer.And sorry for the delay once

On 1/24/06, Mike Hunt, Jr. wrote:
> I have been wondering to myself, as I usually do because really, who wants
> to be wondered at?, anyway I was wondering, are we still a go? Do you still
> want my item? Please respond, as I have other interested parties. That is
> not interesting parties. I don’t go to parties, I’m not that kind of guy.
> All the best, Mike Hunt, Jr.


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